The Legal Writing Workshop – Costa Rica Edition

Saturday April 23, 2016  Costa Rica Country Club

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Professor Lurene Contento

lurenecontentoLurene Contento is the Director of the Writing Resource Center at The John Marshall Law School. She believes strongly in interactive teaching and experiential learning and has developed her courses based on these principles. Courses taught include:
  • Lawyering Skills
  • Writing, reasoning, research and speaking skills course
  • Writing for the Practice of Law
  • Counseling and Negotiation

As Director of the Writing Resource Center, Professor Contento supervises a staff of professional writing advisors and individually has counseled over 1,500 students. She has also developed a series of workshops aimed at training students in the skills they will need as practicing lawyers.

Professor Contento also works closely with the school’s international students and has taught legal writing, research, and other lawyering skills in China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Turkey. She has served on planning committees for the series of Global Legal Skills conferences held in the U.S. and abroad, and she is also active in a number of legal writing organizations, including the Legal Writing Institute, where she is the past co-chair of the Global Legal Skills Committee, and the Association of American Law Schools’ Section on Legal Writing Reasoning and Research.

The Legal Writing Workshop

The Objectives of the Legal Writing Workshop are:

  • Gain insight into how US attorneys are trained to think
  • Understand the basics of the US legal system
  • Understand the use of precedent and the importance of “authority” in the US legal analysis
  • Effectively communicate with US clients or counsel using US legal rhetorical style
  • Gain experience using CREAC, the standard format for US legal analysis
  • Learn to create “reader-friendly” documents that meet the needs of a US audience
  • Understand the importance of “tone” and how to use it effectively
  • Discuss the impact of globalization on the practice of law

…. and much more so JOIN US at the Workshop

Syllabus for the Workshop

  1. Introduction

The impact of globalization on the practice of law.
Proficiencies in language, law, and rhetoric required for work with US clients/lawyers.

  1. Brief Overview of the US Legal System:

Separation of powers and federalism.
US court systems: federal and state.
Common law and the use of precedent.
Statutory analysis and the role of case law.
The importance of facts in common law analysis.

Exercises:  Organizing Statutory Analysis; Interpreting Cases

  1. US Legal Rhetorical Style

US “reader-oriented” rhetorical style.
Clear and concise legal analysis.
The “CREAC” method of organizing legal analysis.

ExercisesPractice Writing Concisely; Using CREAC 

  1. Persuasive Writing

Use of persuasion when writing for courts, clients, and adversaries.
Using language to persuade; choosing the best tone for your audience.

ExercisesPractice with Choosing Tone; Tone in Demand Letters

Legal Writing Workshop

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