The Code of Justinian

Apr 7, 2019 | Civil Law


The foundation of the Civil Law System

One of the most important works in Civil Law was the Codex Justinianus known as the Code of Justinian. It was named after Justinian I who ruled the Roman Empire from 527 to 565. His goal was to codify into one single collection all existing imperial legislation in order to harmonize it and remove inconsistencies. The result was the Code of Justinian issued in 529 and the second edition published in 534.

Did you know that it was a German immigrant who later became a Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court who created what is the only known English translation of the Code of Justinian from the standard Latin edition. Justice Fred Blume produced a 4,521 page manuscript translating and annotating the Code of Justinian into English. His work has been converted to digital format and his available on the Internet for the public at the University of Wyoming Law School website. If you follow this link you will have access to the works of Justice Blume on the Code of Justinian.

The Annotated Code of Justinian


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