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At Practical Legal English we are committed to bringing to you the practical legal and business courses that you can apply and use in your real world scenario. We know you are busy. We know that communicating and expressing yourself in English within the legal environment is important to you and your career advancement. We know that boring theoretical courses do not provide you the necessary tools to quickly and efficiently apply what you need in the international legal environment. We understand. That is why our courses are designed around practical real life situations that you will encounter on a daily basis.

Practical Legal English was founded by Roger A. Petersen, an Attorney at Law with over 22 years of Legal experience both in the United States common law system and the civil law system of Latin America. Mr. Petersen is a member of the Florida Bar in the State of Florida, United States, member of the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida and a member of the American Bar Association. In addition Mr. Petersen is also a licensed Attorney in the country of Costa Rica, a civil law jurisdiction. By studying and working within the two different law systems, the common law and the civil law system Mr. Petersen has a unique perspective on both systems. This knowledge and practical working experiences allows Practical Legal English to develop courses that are designed to bridge the gap between the common law system and the civil law system.

At the end of the day you need to get your point across. You need to communicate. You need to e-mail and write legal english in a coherent manner. You need to have conference calls and express yourself. You need to get your point across to clients or customers. You need to add value to the services you provide.

Join us at Practical Legal English and let us help you accomplish your goals.

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