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Como obtener pruebas ubicadas en Estados Unidos para su uso en procesos judiciales en otros paises

El título 28 sección 1782, del Código Federal de Estados Unidos (USC) es una poderosa herramienta de investigación que faculta a una corte federal (Federal Court) en Estados Unidos a dar “asistencia a los tribunales extranjeros e internacionales y a los litigantes ante dichos tribunales” para recabar prueba ubicada en Estados Unidos para uso en procesos judiciales en otros países

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Our courses are designed around real life situations that you will encounter on a daily basis.

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I wanted to improve my legal english skills on my own time and found the information on this site to be very helpful
Kelvin Fernandez
Alajuela, Costa Rica
My office needed evidence that was located in the United States and I took the course about obtaining evidence for use in foreign procedures. With that information we have been able to understand how the process works.
Lic. Beatriz Mata
Thank you for including a Glossary of legal terms on your site.
Aaron Okamura
Lima, Peru
I have been studying the differences between the Common Law and the Civil Law system and enjoyed the articles you posted about that.
Jack Brownn
London, UK

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